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The art and science of leadership is not confined exclusively to any one area of organized human activity, be it the profession of arms or any other arena including politics. All roles in all social systems from parenting to teaching involve a hard core of leadership, that of taking the initiative of making a desired decision and following it to its logical conclusion. How effectively this decision or vision is carried out is determined by the quality of the personality of the one who is playing the role. So, all roles are in varying degrees leadership notes, effectivity of which in turn depends on the personality orientation of the person in such position.
Hence, effective leadership in any profession or situation in ultimate analysis, is the outcome of personality make-up. And the effective personality is composed in the main, of three components i.e. vision, values and will. Out of these three basic components, the most important is the value component, the character element. Without character—honesty, sincerity of intent and integrity the other two components of the leader's personality, those of vision and will, howsoever strong are reduced to insignificance. In fact, a leader in any system with inadequate vision and inadequate will, may not be very effective in his or her role, but leadership with inadequate values is bound to end up as highly counter-productive.
The little book “Living with Leadership”, although primarily addressed to the young aspirants in the profession of arms, is by the nature of its contents, suitable reading for all roles in all social systems and situations.
The book has been designed to focus, in particular, on the values-and-attitudes dimension of all types of leadership and especially highlights the inter-personal aspect of these roles in day-to-day interaction between people occupying different positions in social structures.

Prof. Saeed Rashid Alig



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