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Order Rs.400 to Rs.1000 = Charges Rs.250/-
Order Rs.1001 to Rs.2000 = Charges Rs.300/-
Order Rs.2001 to Rs.4000 = Charges Rs.400/-
Order Rs.4001 to Rs.6000 = Charges Rs.500/-
Order Rs.6001 to Rs.8000 = Charges Rs.700/-
Order Rs.8001 to Rs.10000 = Charges Rs.800/-
Order Rs.10001 to Rs.12000 = Charges Rs.900/-
Order Rs.12001 to Rs.14000 = Charges Rs.1000/-
Order Rs.14001 to Rs.16000 = Charges Rs.1100/-
Order Rs.16001 to Rs.18000 = Charges Rs.1200/-
Order Rs.18001 to Rs.20000 = Charges Rs.1400/-

Our packing is really very good, you will love to see your parcel when it will deliver at your door.

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